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Since 2006
INWELT TECH, we are dedicated to transforming your welding needs from concept to reality. 
Discover comprehensive range of welding products, including high-performance TIG, MIG welding torches, and plasma cutters, along with advanced laser welding helmets and gear. 
Our solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of welding for our global clientele. Let us find the perfect welding solution to optimize your welding processes.

Free Sample

Experience our quality firsthand with our free sample offer. Test our welding tools and accessories in your own environment to see the superior performance and craftsmanship we provide. Start improving your operations with zero risk.

2 Years Warranty Period

Invest with confidence. All our welding products come with a comprehensive 2-Year Warranty, ensuring reliability and support. We stand behind our craftsmanship, offering you peace of mind and continuous performance assurance. Trust us to support your welding needs, every step of the way.

Custom Welding Equipment Solutions

Expert welding torch manufacturers offering tailored solutions that transform your specific requirements into high-quality, efficient tools. From design to production, we ensure precision and satisfaction.

Wholesale Welding Cutting & Laser Safety Protection

Fulfill Your Industry Custom Welding & Cutting Needs

Automotive Industry

This industry demands high precision and efficiency in welding processes, involving car frames, engine components, and new lightweight materials. INWELT's MIG, TIG torches, and plasma cutting technologies optimize production processes and ensure compliance with stringent quality standards.


The aerospace sector requires extremely precise and reliable welding and cutting, often dealing with high-strength, high-melting-point special alloys. Our technology ensures component integrity and meets the high safety standards of the industry.​​​​​​​


In construction, complex structural steel welding demands joints that can withstand environmental stresses over long periods. INWELT's heavy-duty cutting equipment and powerful welding torches are designed for large-scale structures, ensuring robustness and durability.​​​​​​​


Shipbuilding requires handling large areas and extreme thicknesses of materials. Our solutions offer high production speeds and excellent welding quality, ensuring the strength and long-term corrosion resistance of the hull.​​​​​​​

Furniture Manufacturing

In the furniture manufacturing industry, precise and robust welding is essential for creating durable and aesthetically pleasing products. INWELT's advanced welding technologies ensure high-quality joints and finishes, enhancing both the functionality and appearance of furniture pieces.​​​​​​​

Wrought Iron Works

For wrought iron works, including gates, railings, and decorative items, reliable welding solutions are crucial to achieving intricate designs and long-lasting structures. INWELT's welding and cutting equipment provides the precision and strength needed to produce beautiful and durable wrought iron products.​​​​​​​

Precision Engineered, Promptly Delivered: INWELT WELDING, Your Ultimate Partner for Superior Welding Tools. Ready to Enhance Your Welding Excellence!



Struggling to Locate the Perfect Welding Equipment for Your Projects?


Custom welding solutions are our specialty at INWELT TECH. We deliver tailored options to all our clients and provide top-quality welding equipment samples that you can truly benefit from. Maximize your welding potential with our expertly designed products!

Wide Custom Options for Your Unique 

Welding Cutting Torch Gun

Sourcing Welding Cutting Equipments from INWELT

  • For Brand Owners​​​​​​​

    As a leading manufacturer in the welding industry, INWELT TECH collaborates with global brands to bring their visions to life through high-performance welding tools. From MIG welding torches to TIG welding guns, plasma cutting torches, and Welding Cutting Accessories, our process begins with your initial concept and culminates in delivering solutions that embody your brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Additionally, our Welding Helmets and Welding Cutting & Laser Safety Protection equipment ensure comprehensive safety for all applications.
  • For Manufacturers & Suppliers​​​​​​​

    Our state-of-the-art production facilities at INWELT TECH are designed to meet your demands for excellence and reliability. Manufacturers and suppliers can rely on our advanced manufacturing processes to provide superior outsourcing services. With a comprehensive range of products including MIG welding torches, TIG welding torches, plasma cutting torches, gas cutting torches, and Welding Cutting Accessories, we ensure that your production goals are met with precision and efficiency. Our Welding Helmets and Welding Cutting & Laser Safety Protection solutions further enhance operational safety and efficiency.
  • For Wholesalers

    INWELT TECH is recognized as a premier manufacturer of welding equipment, offering top-tier welding guns and torches at competitive prices. Wholesalers can benefit from significant cost advantages, enhancing market presence and profitability. Our range includes MIG welding torches, TIG welding torches, plasma cutting torches, Welding Cutting Accessories, and a variety of welding accessories. Additionally, our Welding Helmets and Welding Cutting & Laser Safety Protection gear provide essential protection for end-users. Our commitment to quality and affordability makes us your ideal partner in the welding industry.


Welcome to INWELT TECH, your ultimate source for premier welding solutions. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality welding torches, cutting torches, and safety equipment. Our extensive product range includes MIG, TIG, and Plasma welding torches, designed to meet the diverse needs of our international clientele. We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art production facilities, rigorous quality control, and innovative R&D capabilities. Certified by ISO 9001, CE, and RoHS, we are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction. Explore our website to discover our products and services tailored to your welding needs.

Comprehensive Welding Equipment Solutions

At INWELT WELDING TECH, we stand as one of the leading manufacturers in the welding industry, specializing in the production of high-quality welding torches and equipment. Our extensive product line includes MIG, TIG, and Plasma Cutting Torches, designed to cater to the diverse needs of our global clientele. Whether you're a wholesaler, manufacturer, or individual welder, our comprehensive one-stop service offers a wide range of welding accessories, including helmets, goggles, and windows to ensure safety and efficiency in all welding applications. Trust INWELT for innovative and reliable welding solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Market-Oriented Welding Research

We feature an R&D division dedicated to researching global trends in the welding industry to ensure we provide high-quality solutions demanded by the market.

Unique Welding Torch Design

We collaborate with experienced designers to offer unique and innovative designs that accurately position your brand in the market.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

Our advanced manufacturing facilities allow us to deliver high-quality welding torches in record time. We also offer the best competitive prices in the market.​​​​​​​

SOP-Based Welding Torch Quality Control

We have a quality control department that works closely with the manufacturing department to ensure all welding torches you receive meet the highest quality standards.​​​​​​​

Customer-Based Welding Torch Labeling

Taking your branding requirements into account, we offer welding torch labeling options to better present your products in the market.

Rich Welding Accessories Supply

You can trust that our production processes are designed to offer the best quality products. We supply premium welding accessories that are best suited for your business needs.

Fast Welding Torch Order Delivery

All our manufacturing processes are done in our production plant, allowing us to reduce delivery time and provide solutions on schedule.

Full After-Sales


We believe in accompanying you throughout the journey, which is why we offer comprehensive after-sales services. These services are designed to assist you whenever needed and last for the entire lifespan of your product.​​​​​​​

Premier Welding Equipment Manufacturer


As a leading welding equipment manufacturer, INWELT TECH is dedicated to turning your vision into reality. With our advanced capabilities, INWELT TECH excels in customizing and manufacturing high-quality welding equipment, offering quick design and mold services. Low MOQ, quick design.

MIG Welding Torch Manufacturer

As a premier MIG welding torch manufacturer, we offer top-quality, customizable welding torches in various shapes and sizes. Our BZL Series, BND Series, TW Series, Spool Gun, TR Series, PSF Series, and Fume Extraction Gun ensure durability and efficient welding, meeting the highest industry standards. Whether you need custom designs or wholesale orders, we help enhance your brand and set your products apart.

TIG Welding Torch Manufacturer

As a leading TIG welding torch manufacturer, we provide high-quality WP9, WP17, WP18, and WP26 welding torches, ensuring precision and stability in welding. Our torches are designed to meet the highest industry standards, suitable for various welding applications. We offer custom solutions and wholesale options to meet your specific needs.

Plasma Cutting Torch Manufacturer

As a top plasma cutting torch manufacturer, we offer high-quality cutting torches in various designs and sizes. Our LT Series and PT Series plasma cutting torches ensure precise and durable cutting, meeting the needs of both large-scale and custom orders. Explore our wholesale options for your bulk requirements.

Laser Safety Equipment Manufacturer

As a leading laser safety equipment manufacturer, we offer high-quality, customizable safety equipment in various shapes and sizes. Our laser safety helmets, goggles, and windows ensure the highest standards of protection during laser welding applications, safeguarding your safety. Custom and wholesale options are available to suit your specific needs.

Welding Accessories Manufacturer

As a premier welding accessories manufacturer, we provide high-quality, customizable accessories in various shapes and sizes. Our MIG welding accessories, TIG welding accessories, plasma welding accessories, and gas cutting welding accessories ensure the efficiency and durability of your welding equipment, meeting the highest industry standards. We offer custom designs and wholesale solutions to enhance your operations.


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