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Our Executive Team

Inwelt team is comprised of the most knowledgeable people in

welding business. With insight, experience, vision, commitment and complete integrity, we have built a company that is dedicated to the success of our employees and clients.

Cathy Yu

As CEO, my solo focus is to equip our organization with strong personal in every position and every member feel their contribution is well received. 
With over 20 years in welding business, trading customers from 20 plus countries a thoughtfully structured professional team is the only way to ensure all our customers can be satisfied with their unique requirements. 
Being sensitive to the ever changing needs in welding business served me well to lead this company up to the new challenges. Strong bond within the team is key to everyone’s success.

Yu Kai

Member of the board
Focus Devote Accurate
Entered welding business since early 2002s and then focused on Welding technical developing and Innovation. My mission is to bring customers 100% satisfied and advanced products. Create value for clients is my long term passion.

Xu Jian

Member of the board
Optimistic and Motivated
A trusted business partner customers can count on
Entered welding business since early 1990s and focused on international trading, we have accumulated many friends across industry. The secret is always giving highest priority for customer’s need. Think and execute from customer’s point of view to build trust with every customer we have come across to build long term partnership.


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