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  • Copper and stainless steel welding technology operation

    The welding of copper and stainless steel is often encountered, and the welding is difficult. The main performance is that it is very sensitive to the penetration crack of copper during welding. ; The second is to choose the appropriate filling material, control the elements that are prone to low-me

  • Knowledge points about solder flux

    Flux is a granular welding material. It melts to form slag and gas during welding, and plays a protective and metallurgical role for the molten pool. When welding, it melts to form slag and gas, and acts as a protective and metallurgical treatment for the molten metal.CompositionFlux is composed of

  • Water jet cutting

    Water jet cutting uses nozzles to produce a high pressure water jet carrying fine abrasive particles for cutting. This method is very effective in cutting both metallic and non-metallic materials. The process uses high capacity pumps with very high water and electricity requirements. This method can

  • welding of hot rolled and normalized steel

    Hot-rolled and normalized steel in low-alloy high-strength structural steel and alloy structural steel species with a low total content of alloying elements, and the mass fraction of carbon is generally less than 0.25%. Therefore, on the whole, the weldability is better. The general strength level i

  • Welding of ferritic stainless steel

    Many methods of joining stainless steels are able to be applied well to ferritic stainless steels, mainly including.(1) Melt welding By melting the base material and the filler metal after recrystallization so that the two or more materials separated from each other to achieve a complete bond.(2) So

  • Heat exchanger tube and tube plate connection

    Heat exchanger, as the heat transfer equipment that transfers part of the heat from the hot fluid to the cold fluid between materials, has a wide range of applications in people's daily life and in petroleum, chemical, power, pharmaceutical, atomic energy and nuclear industries. It can be used as in

  • Installation and use of tungsten arc welding equipment

    When welding with tungsten arc welding equipment, the following steps should be followed.① Turn on the main power source, cooling water source and gas source, and check if they are in normal condition.② Switch the switch in the welding power source to the "on" position and the welding changeover swi

  • DC and AC in welding, what should I choose?

    Welding can choose AC welding machine, can also choose DC welding machine. When using a DC welder, there are positive and negative connections, taking into account factors such as the welding rod used, the condition of the construction equipment and the quality of the weld.Compared with the AC power

  • Gas welding carbon dioxide cylinder site to reduce the method of moisture

    In the welding process, if the carbon dioxide gas in the cylinder contains high moisture, serious porosity will occur during the welding process. So measures should be taken at the welding site to reduce the water content of the gas as much as possible.The methods are as follows.1. Turn the carbon d

  • Why high carbon steel is more difficult to weld

    High-carbon steel refers to w (C) higher than 0.6% of carbon steel, which has a greater tendency to harden than medium carbon steel, and the formation of high-carbon martensite, more sensitive to the formation of cold cracks.At the same time, the martensite organization formed in the welded heat-aff

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