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Laser Welding Safety

INWELT WELDING TECH provides fiber laser welding safety equipment, including laser protective goggles, helmets, and windows. 
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  Dangers of Laser radiation!

  • Lasers used for welding applications radiate in infrared spectra, the intensive fiber laser light radiate in the visible spectrum but is invisible to humans and is especially dangerous to the eye.
  • Fiber laser radiation penetrates through the retina, which can be destroyed irrevocably by relatively little radiation.
  • Other hazards include skin burns or inflammation from combustible materials as a result of misdirected laser radiation.
Misdirected radiation and reflections must be blocked off. 
All the laser welders or laser machine operators should wear protective goggles and helmets that are appropriate for the laser radiation being used.

Build a laser welding safe space for you

In order to make laser safe to use, personal protective equipment must be used (laser safety goggles and helmets). 
In addition, it is also necessary to master certain knowledge of laser welding safety operations.

Safety for your EYES

Our selection of special laser welding protection goggles and helmets.

Safety for your Health

You should learn more about lasers in your daily laser welding work or operation.

Laser Safety Services

Access our range of professional handheld laser welding safety services at any time

Laser Safety Goggles

We know how important it is to protect the eyes from the intense light produced by lasers.
INWELT can help make sure you find the best goggles to use for your particular equipment.
Laser Safety Goggles
We have an extensive stock range of laser safety goggles that are all fully certified and compliant to relevant US and International Laser Safety standards...

Laser Safety Goggles FAQ

Laser Safety Helmet

The newly designed laser safety helmet from INWELT is specially designed to provide effective eye and face protection solutions for manual laser welding work.
Laser Safety Helmet
Extra Wide Window.
2-in-1 design ensures that welders can freely switch between manual laser welding and MIG / MAG, TIG, and MMA welding needs.

Laser Safety  Helmet FAQ


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