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Carbon Steel / Mild steel 3/32" 1/8" 5/32" E6013 Welding Electrode Rod

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AWS E6013 is an all-position, rutile electrode for mild steel. It welds on AC or DC with excellent performance and easy restrike features.
  • E6013
  • 2.5*300mm, 3.2*350mm, 4.0*350mm, 5.0*350mm



Low Hydrogen, Super-Stable Arc

Easy to use, general-purpose electrode designed for hard-to-weld steels.

1. Easy striking and restriking.

2. Low spatter, low smoke

3. For flat and vertical use

4. Holds an unusually stable arc, great for fast welding.

5. All-position electrode for the welding of mild steel.

6. Exceptional choice for sheet metal lap and fillet welds. Easy slag removal.

7. Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements



Used to weld low carbon structure & low alloy steel structure, such as 16 Mn, etc. Before welding, it is necessary

to clean the workpiece & remove the impurities such as oil, grease rust, and moisture, and bake the electrode at a

temperature of about 350-degree centigrade for one hour. Welding must be carried out under a short arc & is

suitable for the narrow path. When used DC, it must be connected with positive polarity.

Chemical composition

C: 0.10max, Mn 0.39-0.6, Si 0.30max, S 0.03max, P 0.03max


Inner packing:

1) 2.5mm x 300mm, 5kg/inner box

2) 3.2mm x 350mm, 5kg/inner box

3) 4.0mm x 350mm, 5kg/inner box

4) 5.0mm x 350mm, 5kg/inner box 

400mm length optional

Outer packing: 20kg/carton