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HYP Series

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Hypertherm is a leading manufacturer of high-performance plasma cutting systems. One of their notable offerings is the SeaPak underwater plasma cutting system. The SeaPak system is designed specifically for cutting applications in underwater environments, making it an ideal choice for shipyards, offshore oil platforms, and other marine industries.

The SeaPak system utilizes Hypertherm’s advanced plasma cutting technology and incorporates features that enable efficient and precise cutting even in challenging underwater conditions. It utilizes water as a shielding medium, which not only helps to suppress smoke and fumes but also cools the cutting arc, allowing for longer consumable life and increased productivity.

Equipped with Hypertherm’s patented PrecisionFlow technology, the SeaPak system ensures superior cut quality and accuracy. This technology optimizes gas flow and controls the torch motion, resulting in smooth, clean cuts with minimal dross and distortion. Whether cutting through thick metal plates or intricate shapes, SeaPak delivers consistent and reliable performance.

The SeaPak system is highly versatile and can be used with a wide range of power sources, including Hypertherm’s Powermax series. The Powermax series consists of rugged and dependable plasma cutting systems suitable for various applications, from light-duty tasks to heavy industrial cutting. These systems are known for their ease of use, portability, and exceptional performance.

Hypertherm’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology has made the SeaPak underwater plasma cutting system a trusted solution for the marine industry. With its superior cut quality, precision, and reliability, SeaPak enables efficient and cost-effective cutting operations in underwater environments.

The Hypertherm SeaPak system, along with the Powermax series, continues to lead the industry and meet the demands of diverse cutting applications, providing exceptional results for professionals in marine industries worldwide.


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