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IPT60 Plasma Cutting Torch

These are related to the IPT60 Plasma Cutting Torch news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in IPT60 Plasma Cutting Torch and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand IPT60 Plasma Cutting Torch market.
  • Causes of cold cracks in welding

    Cold cracking is a more common type of cracking in welding production, which occurs when the weld is cooled to a lower temperature, for low-alloy high-strength steels, around the martensitic transformation temperature. The three elements of cold crack formation are the hardening tendency of the stee

  • What are the common pads when soldering

    The circuit board is an essential accessory in all electronic equipment or electronic products. All components need to be attached to the board and electrically connected through the pads on the PCB board in order to operate. The solder pad is the most important basic unit in PCB circuit board desig

  • Understanding welding defects - lamellar cracks

    As the most harmful type of welding defects, welding cracks seriously affect the performance and safety reliability of welded structures.-----

  • Understand Welding Defects Easily - Laminar Cracks

    Welding cracks are the most harmful type of welding defects, which seriously affect the performance and safety and reliability of welded structures. Today, I will take you to know one of the types of cracks - layered cracks.

  • Super September Shopping Festival, Yiwei's 16th Anniversary Celebration

    Changzhou Inwelt Welding Technology CO.,LTD is a brand-new sales-service platform focusing on welding torches, welding accessories, welding consumables and personal protective equipment. We are committed to providing a comprehensive platform service mode with free choice, professional advice, custom

  • Basic principles of welding

    A weld can be defined as a coalescence of metals produced by heating to a suitable temperature with or without the application of pressure, and with or without the use of a filler material.In fusion welding a heat source generates sufficient heat to create and maintain a molten pool of metal of the



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