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100AMP Gas Cooled 15AK MIG Welding Torch China Factory

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15AK MIG Welding Torch CE Certificated 3M 4M 5M Euro Adapter MIG15 Gas Cooled 180Amp CO2 MIG Welding Torch.
  • MB 15AK
  • 3m/4m/5m
  • Gas Cooled
  • 0.6mm-1.0mm

MIG15 Color customization welding torch

15AK MIG Welding Torch

The product is highly customized, the parts that can be customized include: cable length, cable size, handle label and torch handle

The product adopts a humanized design, with a non-slip function of the product handle, with an additional wrench

Trigger aging test 10000 times

OEM package

You can purchase circle cutting accessories and other accessory packages for an additional fee

INWELT Features & Benefits:

Lightweight Bikox® cable assembly makes ABIMIG the lightest air-cooled MIG gun in the industry

Available in 200, 300, or 400 amp models

Ball socket handle base for unmatched wrist flexibility and welder comfort

Easy to change 360° rotatable torch necks with multiple lengths and angles, including Flex necks

Narrow gap welding nozzle and contact tip options available

Extended trigger for easy use in a classic or top-side welding grip

High-quality INWELT consumables including nickel-plated nozzles and high-grade contact tips

Spare Parts Details:

Position Code Ref. Description
1 IJDT0074 145.0075 Gas nozzle ① 12mm;喷嘴① 12mm
2 IJDV0014-08 140.0059 Contact tip ①0.8mmE-CU/M6X25;导电嘴①0.8mm/M6X25mm
3 IJDA0098 002.0009 Torch head 15 with fitting;15AK 枪颈(含配件)
3.1 IJAI0673 002.0078 Gas diffuser 15AK;分流器 15AK
3.2 IJGU0819 002.0058 Spring 15AK;弹簧 15AK
4 IJAI0678
Hexogonol fitting;六角适配器
5 IJIK0041-01
Plastic Body;塑料适配器
6 IJDW0801-01
MIG handle Blue/Grip;MIG手柄/蓝色
7 IJIR0081 185.0031 Trigger;焊枪用开关
8 IJGU0885
Screw M3X10;螺丝 M3X10
9 IJIK0793
Joint for 15 ;电缆支撑用球节15枪用
10 IJD00674 160.0065 Coaxial cable 3m洞轴电缆组3m
11 IJIK0726
Housing for hondle;手柄琐紧环
12 IJIK0714
Back box;后把套
13 IJGU0074
Screw M4X6;螺丝 M4X6
14 IJIK0074
Adaptor nut;焊枪锁紧螺母/塑料螺纹
15 IJUC0060 501.2155 Euro central adaptor body/air cooling ;欧式中央接头/空冷
16 IJAU0082 501.0082 Liner nut;送丝管锁紧螺母
17 IJJD0231
Brass terminal O2.0X4.0mm 0.35m;铜送丝管①2.0X4.0mm/0.35m
18 IJJD0111 126.0005 Teflon liner O4.0X1.5mm 3m Blue;特氟龙送丝管①4.0X1.5mm/3m/蓝色
19 IJJD0511 124.0011 Blue liner O0.6-0.8mm 3m;带绝缘层送丝管①0.6-0.8mm/3m/蓝色
20 IJDH6011
Spanner for MIG torches;MIG 焊枪扳手
Complete Torch

MIG 15AK torch 3m euro adaptor /spring pins;焊枪 15AK/3m/弹性针

MIG 15AK torch 4m euro adaptor /spring pins;焊枪 15AK/4m/弹性针

MIG 15AK torch 5m euro adaptor /spring pins;焊枪 15AK/5m/弹性针

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Q1: Can I have a sample for testing?

A: Yes, we can support sample. The sample will be charged reasonably according to the negotiation between us. 

Q2: Can I add my logo on the boxes/cartons?

A: Yes, we have a R&D capability and professional & efficient team, OEM and ODM are available from us.

Q3: What are the benefits of being a distributor ?

A: Special discount Marketing protection.

Q4: How can you control the quality of products?

A: Yes, we have engineers ready to assist customers with technical support problems, any issues that may arise during the quoting or installation process, as well as aftermarket support.

Q5: Can we mix items in full container?

A: Yes. We ship our products in bulk, usually 40 Feet High Cube Containers, but 20 feet containers are also acceptable.

Q6: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?

A: Sure, welcome your visit to our factory.