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MB24 MIG Welding Torch MB24 MIG Welding Torch
MB24 MIG Welding Torch MB24 MIG Welding Torch
MB24 MIG Welding Torch MB24 MIG Welding Torch
MB24 MIG Welding Torch MB24 MIG Welding Torch


MB24 MIG Welding Torch

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The premium material MB24 welding torch is very practical to suitable for solder wire of diameter 0.8~1.2 mm and the current 220A~250A.
It is stable and has great performance while using, durable and has a long service life.
  • MB 24


  • IJDU2609-36

  • 3m 4m 5m

  • Gas Cooled

  • 0.8-1.2mm



MB24 MIG Welding Torch

The MB series torch from INWELT WELDING TECH sets new benchmarks for form and function, fully updated strength, and durability.

MB24 Features & Benefits:

Air-cooled welding torches feature a reduced-weight cable assembly, Unique ergonomics that provide a greater sense of control, the trigger position, trigger design, and ball joint construction guarantee optimum balance and comfort in all welding positions.

MB24 spare parts: long service life, more economical for welders.

Robust and ergonomic handle.

Optimum trigger position and tapered handle design for precise, predictable operation.

Unique internal for air-cooled torches to ensure cooler grip with maximum mechanical strength.

Technical Data:                                            

Current 250Amp CO2, 220Amp MIX Gas Flow
Duty Cycle 60% Ignition
Cooling Gas Cooled Post flow
Gas Pressure
Standard Length 3M 4M 5M

Application Areas:

» General engineering   

» Construction industries   

» Power cycle   

» Railway industries   

» Heavy duty industry

Spare Parts Details:

Position Code Ref. Description
1 IJDT0817 145.0080 Gas nozzle Φ12.5mm;喷嘴 Φ12.5mm
2 IJDV0014-10 140.0253 Contact tip Φ1.0mmE-CU/M6*28;导电嘴Φ 1.0mm/M6*28mm
3 IJDV0694 142.0003 Contact tip holder 24KD M6*26mm;导电嘴座/24KD/M6*26mm
4 IJDG0540 012.0183 White ceramic gas diffuser 24KD;白色陶瓷分流器 24KD
5 IJDA0641 012.0001 Torch head 24KD;枪颈 24KD
6 IJDW0801-01
MIG handle Blue/Grip;MIG手柄/蓝色
7 IJIR0081 185.0031 Trigger;焊枪用开关
8 IJGU0885
Screw M3*10;螺丝 M3*10
9 IJIK0032
Joint for MIG hondle;MIG手柄用球头
10 IJGU0893
Spring for cable support;电缆支撑弹簧
11 IJD00775
Coaxial cable 3m洞轴电缆组 3m
12 IJIK0714
Back box;后把套
12.1 IJIK0726
Housing for hondle;手柄锁紧环
13 IJGU0074
Screw M4*6;螺丝 M4*6
14 IJIK0083
Adaptor nut;焊枪锁紧螺母/蓝色
15 IJUC0060 501.2155 Euro central adaptor body/air cooling ;欧式中央接头/空冷
16 IJAU0082 501.0082 Liner nut;送丝管锁紧螺母
17 IJJD0231
Brass terminal(Φ2.0*4.0mm 0.35m;铜送丝管 (Φ2.0*4.0mm/0.35m)
18 IJJD0171 126.0021 Teflon liner(Φ2.0*4.0mm 3m Red;特氟龙送丝管(Φ2.0*4.0mm/3m/红色)
19 IJJD0571 124.0026 Red liner Φ1.0-1.2mm 3m;带绝缘层送丝管(Φ1.0-1.2mm/3m/红色)
20 IJDH6011
Spanner for MIG torches;MIG 焊枪扳手

Complete Torch

MIG 24KD torch 3m euro adaptor /spring pins;焊枪24KD/3m/弹性针

MIG 24KD torch 4m euro adaptor /spring pins;焊枪24KD/4m/弹性针

MIG 24KD torch 5m euro adaptor /spring pins;焊枪24KD/5m/弹性针

Our Catalog:



Whether you're a professional welder or a DIY enthusiast, the MB24 MIG Welding Torch is a tool you simply cannot do without.

As the go-to choice for many welders, the MB24 embodies robustness and reliability that's hard to find elsewhere. You're no longer just buying welding torches, you're investing in a powerful tool that delivers precision and efficiency at your fingertips.

The MB24 MIG torch welding process is fine-tuned for optimal performance. Its ergonomic MIG handle design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. This is not just an MB24 MIG torch. It's a tool that brings your welding projects to life with ease and accuracy.

The heart of this MIG welder torch is its high-quality wiring, designed for fast heat dissipation and prolonged usage. This means you can weld longer with less downtime, increasing overall productivity. In the world of MIG 24 tools, the MB24 torch stands out for its exceptional durability and longevity.

When it comes to finding a welding torch for sale, the MB24 is a choice you won't regret. It's not simply about purchasing a tool, it's about investing in a welding solution that delivers consistently, every time.

The MB24 MIG Welding Torch: the epitome of precision, reliability, and comfort. The choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Why just weld when you can excel with the MB24?

Note: The MB24 MIG Welding Torch is also often referred to as "MB24; MB24 MIG Torch Welding; MB24 MIG Torch; MIG Welder Torch; MIG 24; MIG Handle; MIG Welding Torch". Regardless of the name, the quality and performance remain unmatched.

Purchasing your MB24 MIG Welding Torch is just a click away. Choose the best, choose MB24.

Please remember: Safety first! Always use appropriate protective equipment when using your MIG Welding Torch.

Dive into the world of precision welding with the MB24 MIG Welding Torch - the ultimate welding companion for professionals and hobbyists alike.


Q1: Can I have a sample for testing?
A: Yes, we can support sample. The sample will be charged reasonably according to the negotiation between us.

Q2: Can I add my logo on the boxes/cartons?
A: Yes, we have a R&D capability and professional & efficient team, OEM and ODM are available from us.

Q3: What are the benefits of being a distributor?
A: Special discount Marketing protection.

Q4: How can you control the quality of products?
A: Yes, we have engineers ready to assist customers with technical support problems, any issues that may arise during the quoting or installation process, as well as aftermarket support.

Q5: Can we mix items in full container?
A: Yes. We ship our products in bulk, usually 40 Feet High Cube Containers, but 20 feet containers are also acceptable.

Q6: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
A: Sure, welcome your visit to our factory.



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