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Installation and use of tungsten arc welding equipment

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When welding with tungsten arc welding equipment, the following steps should be followed.

① Turn on the main power source, cooling water source and gas source, and check if they are in normal condition.

② Switch the switch in the welding power source to the "on" position and the welding changeover switch to the "tig welding" position (for manual/tungsten arc welding dual-use power sources). For AC/DC dual-use power sources, switch the mode switch to the intended mode. If pulse welding is performed, switch the pulse switch to pulse mode.

③If the welding current attenuation function is required, the current attenuation switch should be switched to the "Yes" position; if the current attenuation is not required, the current attenuation switch should be switched to the "No" position.

④Adjust the welding current knob, attenuation time adjustment knob and gas lag time adjustment knob to the appropriate position according to the intended welding parameters.

⑤ Open the gas check switch, adjust the argon gas flow rate to the desired value, and then turn off the gas check switch.

⑥Press the start button on the welding torch to weld.

⑦ When you finish working or leave the work site, you must turn off the power, water and gas sources. In addition, it should be noted that the argon gas cylinder should not be too close to the arc, its placement should be at least 2m from the arc, and it is best to fix the gas cylinder to prevent tipping.


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