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When welding aluminum pipes, the surface is always black, what should I do?

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Porosity is common inaluminum welding.

In the base metal, there are a certain amount of pores in the welding wire, so it is necessary to avoid large pores during welding

to ensure that the pores do not exceed the standard. When the humidity exceeds 80%, be sure to stop welding, the probability of

blowholes exceeding the standard is also 80%, and it is easy to return the film.

Sometimes there will be black dust sticking to the weld, what should I do?

In fact, the tungsten electrode is contaminated, or the tungsten electrode touches the molten pool or the welding wire, and sticks

to the aluminum. Only clean the tungsten electrode before proceeding.

At this time, we only need to adjust the cleaning width of the welding machine to the end, and the current is basically about 200.

When starting arc welding on a piece of scrap aluminum, it only takes a few seconds for the tungsten electrode to form a small

ball. Small balls are a must-have product.

I prefer aluminum welding to stainless steel. It is not as troublesome as stainless steel, stainless steel has to swing, aluminum

welding is easy, and the welding torch basically does not swing. This kind of aluminum tube with a lining ring, it is a fillet

weld, and welding is not so troublesome.

The current is moderately adjusted, and you feel that you can control the molten pool is the best current. The performance of

each welding machine is different, the current will be different, and the flexibility of the arc will also be different.


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