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IPTM80 CNC Machine Use Plasma Cutting Torch

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  • DC and AC in welding, what should I choose?

    Welding can choose AC welding machine, can also choose DC welding machine. When using a DC welder, there are positive and negative connections, taking into account factors such as the welding rod used, the condition of the construction equipment and the quality of the weld.Compared with the AC power

  • Computer software application on welding

    Computer software systems in the field of welding are mainly used in the following areas: 1.1. Computer simulation techniques including simulation of the welding thermal process, welding metallurgical processes, welding stress and deformation. Welding is a complex process involving the disciplines o

  • What are the common pads when soldering

    The circuit board is an essential accessory in all electronic equipment or electronic products. All components need to be attached to the board and electrically connected through the pads on the PCB board in order to operate. The solder pad is the most important basic unit in PCB circuit board desig

  • Methods of Controlling Welding Distortion

    1. Design measures

  • When welding aluminum pipes, the surface is always black, what should I do?

    Porosity is common in aluminum welding. In the base metal, there are a certain amount of pores in the welding wire, so it is necessary to avoid large pores during weldingto ensure that the pores do not exceed the standard. When the humidity exceeds 80%, be sure to stop welding, the probability ofblo