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Computer software application on welding

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Computer software systems in the field of welding are mainly used in the following areas: 1.

1. Computer simulation techniques including simulation of the welding thermal process, welding metallurgical processes, welding stress and deformation. Welding is a complex process involving the disciplines of arc physics, heat transfer, metallurgy and mechanics. Once the various processes in welding have been computer simulated, computer systems can be used to determine the best design solutions, process methods and welding parameters when welding various structures and various materials. Traditionally, the welding process is always determined through a series of experiments or based on experience to obtain a reliable and economical welded structure, computer simulation can be done by the computer as long as a small number of verification tests prove the applicability of numerical methods in dealing with a problem, a large number of screening work can be done by the computer, eliminating a large number of experimental work, thus greatly saving manpower, material and time in new engineering structures and new materials. welding is of great importance. The level of computer simulation technology also determines the scope of automated welding. In addition, computer simulation is also widely used to analyze the strength and performance of welded structures and joints.

2. Database technology and expert systems are used for welding process design and selection of process parameters, diagnosis of welding defects, welding cost budget, real-time monitoring, welding CAD, welders' examinations, etc.

Database technology has now penetrated into all aspects of the welding field, from raw materials, welding tests, welding processes to welding production. Typical database systems include welding process evaluation, welding process protocols, welder file management, welding materials, material composition and properties, weldability, welding CCT chart management and welding standards consulting systems. These database systems provide an advantage for various data and information management within the welding field.

Welding expert systems focus on process formulation, defect prediction and diagnosis, and computer-aided design. The existing welding expert system, process selection and process development is the most important application area, real-time control of the welding process is an important development direction.

3. Computer-aided quality control technology (CAQ) is used for data analysis of products, real-time monitoring of welding quality, etc. In addition, the computer-aided design / manufacturing (CAD / CAM) in the welding process is increasingly used, mainly for CNC cutting, welding structure design and welding robotics.

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