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TIG17 Welding Torch

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  • welding of hot rolled and normalized steel

    Hot-rolled and normalized steel in low-alloy high-strength structural steel and alloy structural steel species with a low total content of alloying elements, and the mass fraction of carbon is generally less than 0.25%. Therefore, on the whole, the weldability is better. The general strength level i

  • How to weld different metal materials

    With the development of industry, there are many different types of metal materials that have emerged. The common ones are plated steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum alloys, copper alloys and other materials. When spot welding machine is used to weld these corresponding metal materials, d

  • How should welders protect their eyes from long-term welding burns?

    1. Welders must wear welding masks to protect their eyes when working

  • What is the reason for the sticky electrode in the welding process of the welder?

    The sticking electrode is the adhesion phenomenon between the electrode and the part caused by abnormal welding of the electrode and the part when the welder is spot welding.There are four main reasons for sticking electrodes in the welding process: the working surfaces of the two electrodes are not


    PROCESS VARIANTS OF TIG WELDINGCOLD WIRE TIG WELDINGA cold-wire feed increases productivity: The welding speed increases and the filler metal is fed precisely and evenly to the weld pool. This allows even less-experienced welders to achieve outstanding results. TIG HOT-WIRE WELDINGTIG hot-wire weld

  • Types Of TIG Torches – Welding Breakdown

    There are many types of TIG torches for different welding applications. TIG torch sizes vary greatly for different jobs. This article will help break down the basics for you when it comes to selecting your first torch. Depending on your amperage needs and your budget, there are always several good t