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How should welders protect their eyes from long-term welding burns?

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1. Welders must wear welding masks to protect their eyes when working

At the same time, the mask used must be in good condition with no gaps or cracks to prevent arcing from entering.In addition, an arc-shaped face mask should be used instead of a straight face mask, because the former reduces the amount of welding fumes entering the welder's breathing zone.While lighter weight fiberglass face shields are generally recommended, newer nylon welding face shields are lighter and increasingly popular with welders. Welding helmets can also be attached to hard helmets for use in hazardous situations in industry and construction.

2. Welders must wear filters to protect their eyes when working

There are filter clips on the welding helmet for mounting the protective plate and filter glass or filter plate.All filters or filter plates let in a certain intensity of light while filtering out a portion of the arc.The filter coefficient of the mask filter should be selected according to the welding current.A protective plate should be installed on the outside of the filter glass to protect the filter glass from being damaged by splashing particles. The protective plate is generally made of glass plate or plastic plate.A magnifying glass can also be installed behind the filter plate to observe the molten pool more clearly, and the filter glass should have sufficient toughness to prevent breakage after being hit by flying objects.

3. Welders must wear protective clothing when working

Wearing protective clothing is mainly to prevent the sparks generated during electric welding from burning the facial skin, and at the same time reduce the irritation of the eyes caused by the strong light generated.Spectral analysis of arc light shows that the intensity of its ultraviolet rays is very large, and this ray has great damage to human skin, especially eyes. For eyes, it can burn the fundus and cause blindness.At the same time, protective clothing must also be worn, because its penetrating power and thermal effect are also very strong, and the skin can be burned through ordinary clothing. Therefore, not only a face mask, but also protective clothing should be worn.

What to do if a welder's eye gets burned

1. The welder's eyes are burned with fresh milk.

After the occurrence of electro-optic ophthalmia, the simple emergency measure is to instill the eyes with boiled and cooled human milk or fresh milk, which can also relieve pain.The method of use is to start once a few minutes, and then, with the relief of symptoms, the time of ordering human milk or milk can be appropriately extended.

2. After the welder's eyes are burned, apply a towel to the eyes with cold water

You can also use a towel soaked in cold water to compress your eyes and close your eyes to rest.The arc light of electric welding and gas welding, ultraviolet lamps, the seaside and the plateau of the hot sun, the sunlight reflection of the snow-capped mountains can all produce a large amount of ultraviolet rays and cause electro-optic ophthalmia, especially for electric welders.If you watch the arc light without wearing protective eyes for a long time, the eyes will be stimulated by the strong ultraviolet rays in the arc light, resulting in electro-optic ophthalmia, that is, the arc light "hit" the eyes. If the burns are not handled properly, the consequences will be endless.

3. After the welder's eyes are burned, they should pay attention to reducing the stimulation of light

After emergency treatment, in addition to rest, pay attention to reducing light stimulation, and try to reduce eye movement and friction. It usually heals within a day or two.


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