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Welding Gun

If you want to know more about the Welding Gun, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Welding Gun industry. More news about Welding Gun, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Welding Gun information!
  • Copper and stainless steel welding technology operation
    The welding of copper and stainless steel is often encountered, and the welding is difficult. The main performance is that it is very sensitive to the penetration crack of copper during welding. ; The second is to choose the appropriate filling material, control the elements that are prone to low-me
  • Knowledge points about solder flux
    Flux is a granular welding material. It melts to form slag and gas during welding, and plays a protective and metallurgical role for the molten pool. When welding, it melts to form slag and gas, and acts as a protective and metallurgical treatment for the molten metal.CompositionFlux is composed of
  • welding of hot rolled and normalized steel
    Hot-rolled and normalized steel in low-alloy high-strength structural steel and alloy structural steel species with a low total content of alloying elements, and the mass fraction of carbon is generally less than 0.25%. Therefore, on the whole, the weldability is better. The general strength level i
  • Mastering the quick technique of single-sided welding and double-sided forming
    For manual arc welding "single-sided welding double-sided forming" process according to the method of operation, can be divided into continuous welding method and intermittent arc extinguishing welding method.In low carbon steel and low alloy steel welding the first layer almost always use intermitt
  • Friction stir welding technology of magnesium alloy battery trays for new energy vehicles
    Due to the increasingly prominent pressures such as environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon peaking, and carbon neutrality, lightweight will be an inevitable trend in automobile manufacturing. The concept of lightweight originated in motorsports, its advantage is
  • Application of High Power Laser Welding
    Common industrial laser types include solid-state lasers, CO2 lasers, and fiber lasers. With the continuous breakthrough of laser technology, the power has been continuously improved, the application fields of lasers have become wider, and the division of labor of lasers has become clear. However, t
  • Features of MPG Pulse Gas Shielded Welding Process!
    1) It has a wide welding current adjustment range, which can weld both thin and thick parts.
  • Details that need to be paid attention to in the welding process
    1. Welding construction does not pay attention to choose the best voltage[Phenomena] During welding, the same arc voltage is selected regardless of the size of the groove, whether it is priming, filling, covering, or the size of the groove. In this way, the required penetration depth and width may n
  • Types, principles and safety features of plasma arc welding
    There are three types of plasma arcs available depending on the power connection.(1) Non-transfer arc. The tungsten electrode is connected to the negative electrode of the power supply, and the nozzle is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply. The plasma arc is generated between the
  • How to realize rapid cooling of 316L stainless steel weld?
    316L stainless steel belongs to austenitic stainless steel, which has good plasticity, toughness, corrosion resistance and excellent comprehensive performance.We carried out a welding test on 316L stainless steel, using electrode arc welding (SMAW). The thickness of the 316L stainless steel plate us
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