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Application of High Power Laser Welding

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Common industrial laser types include solid-state lasers, CO2 lasers, and fiber lasers. With the continuous breakthrough of laser technology, the power has been continuously improved, the application fields of lasers have become wider, and the division of labor of lasers has become clear. However, the innovation of fiber laser technology has become a reformer of the market and process division.

The original YAG solid-state lasers used for medium and small power welding, fiber lasers are also suitable; the axial flow CO2 lasers that are good at medium and high power cutting metal, fiber lasers are also suitable; semiconductor lasers suitable for high power welding, because the fiber laser uses auxiliary The swing welding overcomes the difficulty and can also be applied. Fiber lasers pose similar challenges to other types of lasers in precision laser processing.

Fiber lasers are popular due to their strong applicability and low cost of use. Laser manufacturers have also continued to push up the power of their products, ranging from 10,000 watts, 20,000 watts to 40,000 watts. Not long ago, Maxphotonics announced the launch of 50,000 watts for commercial use. fiber-optic laser. So far, the more mature application of fiber lasers is still laser cutting, more precisely the front-end cutting of metal. It can be said that laser welding has not been fully exploited. The application of welding can be used from front-end component processing to back-end product forming. In theory, the market is broader, but because its processing technology has certain technical requirements and requires precise Driven by processing demand, it is often industry-customized laser welding equipment. So where is the most potential development of high-power laser welding in the future?

Clean Energy and Laser Processing

At present, when it comes to new energy, many people think of new energy vehicles and batteries. Strictly speaking, new energy is clean energy, such as wind energy, water energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, etc. The final use method is electricity. Electricity storage equipment and batteries can be regarded as New energy products.Our country attaches great importance to the development of wind energy. Originally, it cooperated with the large-scale development of the western region to focus on the northwest region. Later, it was discovered that the eastern and southern coastal areas where the market and population were concentrated. Therefore, in recent years, the development of wind energy has shifted to coastal cities. Guangdong plans to invest nearly trillion in the development of coastal wind farms in the next 20 years. Windmill blades, rotors, bases, generators, towers, etc. are the main components of wind power equipment. Large parts such as towers and bases require a lot of high-power welding, with a thickness of more than 20mm or even more than 50mm, which can be applied to 10,000-watt laser welding. Even 40,000-watt laser welding is in demand. At present, there have been attempts in China to use 32,000-watt lasers for the processing of wind power equipment.

Water energy is mainly hydropower stations. Pumps, turbines, motors, blade repairs, etc. are commonly used in high-power laser welding. Lasers above 4KW are generally applicable. Among them, laser welding of pumps is the most mature and mature, from the kilowatt-level welding of small pumps to the development of large-scale pumps. 10,000-watt laser welding has broad application space. Nuclear power plants have many pipelines, large storage tanks, and reactor internals, which can be widely used in high-power laser welding. Due to the danger of radiation from radioactive materials, the safety of nuclear power is the most important, so the metal walls such as pipes and storage tanks are relatively thick and require high-power welding, which can be achieved by lasers above 10KW.

Laser welding demand for new energy vehicles

As a mass consumer product that has entered thousands of households, the degree of adopting new technology also reflects the quality of the car to a certain extent. Automotive laser applications include welding of body frame parts, laser processing of automotive interiors, and welding of automotive power batteries. The laser welding of the car body of traditional fuel vehicles has been applied in China to a certain extent, while the electric vehicle production line currently uses less laser processing. Increase the use of lasers. It is expected that the domestic electric vehicle production and sales will exceed 3 million in 2022, and it is only a matter of time before lasers enter the electric vehicle production line in the future. Laser welding of car bodies generally uses beams with powers above 4KW and 6KW, which brings new demands to high-power automatic laser welding. Laser processing of power batteries is the focus and difficulty of the current new energy vehicle technology. Laser welding mainly includes: welding of pole ears (including pre-welding), spot welding of pole strips, pre-welding of battery cells into the shell, sealing welding of the top cover of the shell, sealing welding of liquid injection ports, and welding of connecting pieces of battery pack modules , and the explosion-proof valve welding on the cover behind the module. Power battery is one of the most important new growth points for laser equipment companies in recent years. In fact, it also brings more than 5 billion yuan of medium and high power automatic laser special equipment every year. The processing of power batteries generally requires medium power of more than 2KW, especially the aluminum alloy package of the battery shell may use higher power, and the demand will continue to increase.

Shipbuilding drives high-power laser welding

This year, the demand of many traditional laser processing industries is slightly weak, but shipbuilding is a bright spot. Driven by the increase in international shipping demand, ship orders are rising. my country's shipbuilding industry is huge in scale, ranking first in the world. The cutting and welding of hull steel plates are in great demand. Thick plates over 10mm and super-thick plates of 30mm are required for large ships. At present, laser welding is applied in Dalian, Shanghai, Wuhan and other shipyards, with high-power laser hybrid welding as the main application.


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