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Oxygen Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch - Changzhou Inwelt

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British 250 cutting torch,durable forged brass body, stainless steel tubes.Suitable for oxygen and acetylene.cutting thickness:200 mm
  • IW 250
  • Black ,White ,Pure Color,Different decals ,Oem Acceptable
  • 48 cm (18.89 inch)
Product Name Oxygen Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch
Package 10pcs/ctn, 53*40*21.5cm
Gross Weight 12.5kg
MOQ 500pcs

The function of the cutting torch 

is to mix oxygen and acetylene in proportion to form a preheating flame, and inject high-pressure pure oxygen onto the workpiece to be cut, so that the metal to be cut is burned in the oxygen jet, and the oxygen jet will burn the molten metal generated by the combustion. The slag (oxide) is blown away to form a kerf. The torch is the main tool for gas cutting workpieces.

The "torch" is the main tool used in gas cutting. The difference between "cutting gun" and "welding gun" is that there is one more pure oxygen jet pipe and one more gate. The rest of the structure principle is similar to the welding gun.

How to use the "cutting gun": first unscrew the acetylene gas switch, and slightly unscrew the oxygen switch. After ignition, adjust the supply of oxygen to make the oxyacetylene flame a neutral flame (that is, the amount of acetylene and oxygen is appropriate). When cutting, first use this oxyacetylene flame to burn a certain point to be cut to red heat, and then turn on the high-pressure pure oxygen flow switch, so that the metal is violently burned and melted into liquid in the oxygen flow, washed away, and then the cutting torch is moved along the The wire ready to be cut moves, cutting the metal away.

When cutting, there are requirements for the inclination angle of the cutting torch, cutting speed and oxygen pressure.

The inclination of the torch is mainly related to the thickness of the workpiece. When cutting 5-20mm thick steel plates, the torch is perpendicular to the workpiece and does not need to be inclined. The straighter the torch is, the better the quality of the cut and the smaller the kerf. When cutting workpieces with a thickness of less than 5mm, it can be tilted forward to cut. If cutting a workpiece with a thickness of more than 30mm, the cutting torch should be tilted backward to cut. After the cutting is complete, move the cutting torch while turning the cutting torch to be perpendicular to the workpiece to cut, and wait until the end of the cut. Tilt the torch slightly inward again until the cut is complete.

The cutting speed depends on the thickness of the workpiece. The thinner the workpiece, the faster it is, and vice versa. The pressure of the high-pressure oxygen flow is also related to the thickness of the workpiece to be cut. If the oxygen supply is insufficient, it will not cut through; and if the pressure is too high, it will cause a waste of oxygen.

When the cutting is completed, first turn off the high pressure oxygen flow switch, then turn off the acetylene gas switch, and then turn off the oxygen switch after the oxyacetylene flame is blown out.

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