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PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch
PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch
PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch
PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch
PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch


PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch

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It is the popular PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch. HF Ignition, easy to start arc. It is compatible with standard of 100A Plasma Cutting CNC Machine. The Brand of machines would be Rilon, Riland, Jasic, Mitech, Chiry, UNT, Krypton, longetivity and so on.
  • PM80


  • 60%

  • Air


PM80 Plasma Cutting Torch

PM80 is a kind of plasma cutting torches (with high frequency). This torch is suitable for 100A, cutting capacity up to 35mm. All products use high quality material such as tellurium copper, hafnium and Vespel material.

PM80 Features & Benefits:

» The PM80 High Frequency Air Plasma Cutter Torch cutting 25MM-35MM thick plate under 80A.

» The PM80 torch include consumables comes with one set of consumables (1 nozzle, 1 electrode, 1 swirl ring, 1 shield cup) installed on torch head, can be use directly

» The PM80 plasma torch can work with 80A plasma cutter machines such as CUT80

» Make people feel comfortable in the hand when the PM80 plasma torch is fitted with a high density plastic handle; Insulated cable cover canvas cover, avoid cable exposure in high temperature, disorderly environment, can effectively reduce cable wear

The PM80 Plasma cutting torch for Panasonic-type plasma cutting machines is a high-quality torch designed specifically for use with Panasonic brand series CNC Plasma Cutting machines. It is well-known for its high-quality manufacturing processes and attention to detail.

The PM80 plasma cutting torch has several features that make it a popular choice for industrial plasma cutting applications.

Some of the key features include:

1. High-Quality Materials: The torch is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures generated during plasma cutting. This ensures that the torch remains durable and reliable even after extended use.

2. Precision Cutting: The torch is designed to provide precise and accurate cutting, even on thin or complex materials. It produces clean, smooth cuts with minimal dross and distortion.

3. Efficient Performance: The torch is designed to operate at high speeds and with minimal downtime, which increases efficiency and reduces overall cutting time.

4. User-Friendly: The torch is designed to be easy to use, with simple controls and ergonomic features that make it comfortable to handle.

Overall, the PM80 plasma cutting torch is an excellent choice for industrial cutting applications. Its high-quality materials, precision cutting, efficient performance, and user-friendly design make it a popular choice among CNC plasma cutting professionals.

Technical Data:                                            

Current 100Amp Gas Flow 220LPM
Duty Cycle 60% Ignition HF
Gas Air Post flow 80 seconds recommended
Gas Pressure 4.5-5.0 Bar  Standard Length 5M

Application Areas:

» General engineering    

» Construction industries   

» Power cycle   

» Railway industries   

» Heavy duty industry

Spare Parts Details:

Complete Torch

Ref. Description
A IJWU13 062-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/6m/ 1/4g /integrated/2 wires/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/气电一体/2芯/后引弧
A IJWU14 062-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/12m/ 1/4g /integrated/2 wires/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/气电一体/2芯/后引弧
B IJWU13 063-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/6m/ 1/4g /separation/2 wires/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/气电分体/2芯/后引弧
B IJWU14 063-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/12m/ 1/4g /separation/2 wires/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/气电分体/2芯/后引弧
C IJWU13 064-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/6m/central adaptor/2 wires/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/中央插头/2芯/后引弧
C IJWU14 064-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/12m/central adaptor/2 wires/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/中央插头/2芯/后引弧
D IJWU13 065-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/6m/central adaptor/coaxial cable/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/中央插头/同轴电缆/后引弧
D IJWU14 065-00
Plasma machine torch iptm80/12m/central adaptor/coaxial cable/back striking;等离子自动切割枪/中央插头/同轴电缆/后引弧

带“●”为标准配置 / With " ●" is the standard configuration)
Position Code Ref. Description
1 IJTN1075 60508 Shield cap/ipt80/gouging;隔离保护帽/ipt80/气刨
2 ● IJWT1678-05 60510 Outside nozzle ipt80/gray glass fiber;外喷嘴 ipt80/灰色玻纤
3 IJWT1683-05 60511 Outside nozzle ipt80/gouging;外喷嘴/ipt80/气刨
4 Tip;喷嘴
4.1 IJWV1681-10 51311.10 Tip φ1.0mm 40-50a/ipt80/back striking;电极喷嘴 φ1.0mm 40-50a/ipt80/后引弧
4.2 IJWV1681-11 51311.11 Tip φ1.1mm 50-60a/ipt80/back striking;电极喷嘴 φ1.1mm 50-60a/ipt80/后引弧
4.3 IJWV1681-12 51311.12 Tip φ1.2mm 60-70a/ipt80/back striking;电极喷嘴 φ1.2mm 60-70a/ipt80/后引弧
4.4 ● IJWV1681-13 51311.13 Tip φ1.3mm 70-80a/ipt80/back striking;电极喷嘴 φ1.3mm 70-80a/ipt80/后引弧
5 IJWV1686-16 51311G.16 Tip φ1.6mm/80a/ipt80/gouging/back striking;喷嘴 φ1.6mm/80a/ipt80/气刨/后引弧
6 ● IJWG1676 60027 Diffuser ipt80;分流器 ipt80
7 ● IJWC1670 52558 Electrode plasma ipt80;等离子电极 ipt80
8 IJWA0632
Torch head iptm80/ipxm82;等离子枪头 iptm80/ipxm82
8a IJGU0710 51620.60 "O"ring φ18x15mm ipt80 red sil;"o"型圈 φ18x15mm ipt80 红色硅胶
8b IJAO0784 09800.42 Air tube/ipt80;导流管/ipt80
9 IJIK0121
Plasma machine handle kit;等离子自动枪手柄组件/自制
10 Spring support;弹簧支撑
10.1 IJIK0800 Spring support/pg21/plasma/coaxial cable;弹簧支撑/pg21/plasma/同轴
10.2 IJIK0800-02 Spring support/pg21/plasma/epdm;弹簧支撑/pg21/plasma/epdm
11 Cable assembly;电缆组
11.1 IJWO11210074-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/6m/ 1/4g /2 wires/integrated;电缆组/iptm80/6m/ 1/4g /2芯/气电一体
11.2 IJWO11210134-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/12m/ 1/4g /2 wires/integrated;电缆组/iptm80/12m/ 1/4g /2芯/气电一体
11.3 IJWO11210072-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/6m/ 1/4g /2 wires/separation;电缆组/iptm80/6m/ 1/4g /2芯/气电分体
11.4 IJWO11210132-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/12m/ 1/4g /2 wires/separation;电缆组iptm80/12m/ 1/4g /2芯/气电分体
11.5 IJWO11210071-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/6m/2 wires/centre adaptor;电缆组/iptm80/6m/2芯/中央插头
11.6 IJWO11210131-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/12m/2 wires/centre adaptor;电缆组/iptm80/12m/2芯/中央插头
11.7 IJWO1121117C-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/6m/central adaptor/coaxial cable;电缆组/中央插头/同轴电缆
11.8 IJWO1121123C-22 Cable assembly/iptm80/12m/central adaptor/coaxial cable;电缆组/中央插头/同轴电缆
12 IJDH6017 Spanner for plasma;plasma枪扳手
13 IJAY0089 Central adaptor torchside plasma 5 pins;等离子中央插头/5针

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