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TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch Welding Gun - Changzhou Inwelt TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch Welding Gun - Changzhou Inwelt
TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch Welding Gun - Changzhou Inwelt TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch Welding Gun - Changzhou Inwelt
TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch Welding Gun - Changzhou Inwelt TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch Welding Gun - Changzhou Inwelt


TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch Welding Gun - Changzhou Inwelt

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  • TW400


  • ICT5900

  • Oem Acceptable

  • 60% 400Amp CO2, 350Amp MIX

  • 3m 4m 5m

  • Gas Cooled



TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch

The "INWELT WELDING TECH” TW400 Air-Cooled MIG Welding Torch is a classic Tweco Series air-cooled MIG welding torch rated at 400 amps at a 60% duty cycle.

The whole gun adopts an interlocking handle design with excellent toughness, a more comfortable pulling angle trigger, higher impact-resistant materials, and a comprehensive ergonomic design concept.

"INWELT WELDING TECH” also offers a complete stock of consumables and spare parts for the Tweco range of MIG Welding Guns

TW400 Features & Benefits:

The TW series MIG Welding Torches are the High-quality 250Amp (60% duty cycle) MIG guns. Suitable for most farm, shop, and home projects, heavy repairs, maintenance, and auto body work applications

Consumables are compatible with Lincoln and Tweco Series Nozzle, and Contact Tips

Durable Housing:  With rubber and nylon casing for better hand-feel, durability, and stability.

Ergonomic Design: Non-slip, comfortable, and safe. Equipped with a high-quality phosphor bronze switch for extra strength and durability.

Upgraded Nozzle:  Seamless thickening design, made with sufficient premium materials. Exquisite workmanship.

Solid Material: This welding torch with pure copper joints and oxygen-free super flexible mono cable for welding safety. CNC integrated processing, optimal pure brass copper.

Premium Cable: MIG CO2 Gas Shielded Welding Torch, featuring tensile, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, lightweight, and soft.

Adapt to miller, euro, tweco, lincoln, tregaskiss, panasonic connections.

Technical Data:

Cooling Gas Cooled wire size Φ0.8-2.0mm
Duty 60% DC 400Amp CO2, 350Amp MIX Package OPP Bag + 1Set/Box
Switches Single Length 3m/4m/6m
Certificate CE & Rohs Gas nozzle Φ16 mm
Position Code Ref. Description
1 UDT0602 24A-62 Gas nozzle Φ16 ;喷嘴 Φ16mm
2 IJDL0697 34A Insulator;绝缘筒
3 IJDV0010-12 14-116 Contact tip Φ1.2mm/ 1/4-28X37.4;导电嘴 Φ1.2mm/ 1/4-28X37.4
4 IJDG0081 54A Diffuser;分流器
5 IJDA0600-01
5 Torch head 60GR/TW4/64J-60/Nickel-plated outer tube;枪颈 60GR/TW4/64J-60/镀镣外管
6 IJDW0704 84A MIG handle with screw;MIG手柄带螺丝
7 IJIR0092
Trigger Kit/TW;开关套件/TW
8 IJIK0788
Joint for MIG handle;MIG 手柄用球头
9 IJGU0887-02
Spring for cable support/Zin/Long/TW;电缆支撑用弹簧/镀白锌/加长/TW
10 IJD00919
Cable assembly/3M;电缆组/3米
11 IJGU0835
Spring for cable support/Blue and white zinc plating;电缆支撑用弹簧/镀蓝白锌
12 IJIK0883
Back box with closing ring;后把套/含锁紧环
13 IJGU0074 EA0018 Screw M4x6;螺丝 M4x6
14 IJAI7062
Continental adapter / Miller M10X1;欧式转换接头/米勒M10X1
15 IJUP0003
Connetecing adaptor TW1-4;转接头连杆/TW1-4
16 IJJD0010-03
Steel liner 3.4M Φ0.9-1.2mm/TW;钢送丝管 3.4米 Φ0.9-1.2mm/TW
Complete Torch

IJDU5911 410-3545 TW4 Torch 3m;TW4枪 3m

IJDU5917 412-3545 TW4 Torch 4m;TW4枪 4m

IJDU5918 415-3545 TW4 Torch 4.6m;TW4枪 4.6m

IJDU5926 X410-3545 TW4 Torch 3m euro adaptor;TW4枪 3m 欧式中央插头

IJDU5922 X412-3545 Tw4 Torch 4m euro adaptor;TW4枪 4m 欧式中央插头

IJDU5923 X415-3545 Tw4 Torch 4.6m euro adaptor;TW4枪 4.6m 欧式中央插头

IJDU5924 M410-3545 Tw4 Torch 3m Miller adaptor;TW4枪 3m 米勒后接口

IJDU5925 M412-3545 Tw4 Torch 4m Miller adaptor;TW4枪 4m 米勒后接口

IJDU5931 M415-3545 Tw4 Torch 4.6m Miller adaptor;TW4枪 4.6m 米勒后接口

Labeled diagram of the components parts of TW400 Gas Cooled Mig Welding Torch & Gun

Introducing our comprehensive diagram of a MIG welding gun, featuring labeled components for easy identification. Our diagram includes all the parts of a MIG gun, including the torch, welder, and gun components, along with detailed descriptions of each. Whether you're looking to repair or upgrade your MIG welding gun, or simply want to learn more about the torch welding process, our diagram is the perfect resource. Explore our guide to find out more about MIG gun parts diagram, labeled parts of a MIG gun, and mig gun components. We also cover mig welding gun parts, parts of a mig welder gun, and mig welder gun parts. Additionally, we provide tips for torch welding aluminum, so you can achieve the best results possible.

Labeled diagram of the components parts of a MIG gun - INWELT WELDING TECH


The "INWELT WELDING TECH” TW400 Air-Cooled MIG Welding Torch is a classic Tweco Series air-cooled MIG welding torch rated at 400 amps at a 60% duty cycle.

The TW400 MIG welding torch has several advantages over other options on the market. Firstly, its ergonomic design provides improved comfort and control for the welder, reducing fatigue and increasing precision during welding.

Secondly, the TW400 MIG welding torch features a top-loading design that ensures easy and quick replacement of contact tips, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Thirdly, the TW400 MIG welding torch boasts a tapered contact tip locking system, which ensures a secure fit and eliminates the risk of loose tips that can cause weld defects.

Finally, the TW400 MIG welding torch is designed with high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, ensuring durability and reliability even in harsh welding environments. These advantages make the TW400 MIG welding torch a top choice for welders who value performance, durability, and efficiency.

"INWELT WELDING TECH”also offers a complete stock of consumables and spare parts for the Tweco range of MIG Welding Guns.

About Mig Welding:

⒈ Like TIG welding, it can weld almost all metals, especially suitable for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, stainless steel and other materials. There is almost no oxidation burning loss during the welding process, only a small amount of evaporation loss, and the metallurgical process is relatively simple. 

⒉ high labor productivity 

⒊MIG welding can be DC reversed, welding aluminum, magnesium and other metals has a good cathode atomization effect, which can effectively remove the oxide film and improve the welding quality of the joint. 

⒋Do not use tungsten electrode, the cost is lower than TIG welding; it is possible to replace TIG welding. 

⒌When MIG welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, the sub-jet droplet transfer method can be used to improve the quality of the welded joints. 

⒍Since argon is an inert gas and does not chemically react with any substances, it is more sensitive to oil stains and rust on the surface of the welding wire and base metal, and it is easy to generate pores. The welding wire and workpiece must be carefully cleaned before welding. 

⒊MIG welding droplet transfer 

Droplet transfer refers to the whole process in which the molten metal at the end of the welding wire or electrode forms a droplet under the action of arc heat, and is detached from the end of the welding wire and transferred to the welding pool under the action of various forces. It is directly related to the stability of the welding process, weld formation, spatter size, etc. 

⒊1. The force affecting the transfer of molten droplets The droplet formed by the molten metal at the end of the welding wire is affected by various forces, and the influence of various forces on the transfer of the droplet is different. ⒈ Gravity: in the flat welding position, the direction of gravity is the same as the direction of the droplet transfer, which promotes the transition; the overhead welding position hinders the transfer of the droplet 

⒉Surface tension: the main force to maintain the droplet on the wire end, the thinner the wire, the easier the droplet transition. 

⒊Electromagnetic force: The force generated by the magnetic field of the conductor itself is called electromagnetic force, and its axial component force always expands from a small section to a large section. In molten electrode arc welding, the cross-section of the conductor changes when the current passes through the wire-droplet-electrode spot, and the direction of the electromagnetic force also changes. At the same time, the high current density at the spot will cause the metal to evaporate strongly, and will also have a great reaction force on the surface of the molten metal. The effect of electromagnetic force on droplet transfer depends on the arc shape. 

⒋Plasma flow force: Under the contraction of electromagnetic force, the hydrostatic pressure generated by the arc plasma in the direction of the arc axis is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the arc column, that is, it gradually decreases from the end of the welding wire to the surface of the molten pool. Favorable factors to promote droplet transfer. 

⒌ Spot pressure 

⒊2. Droplet transfer characteristics of MIG welding In MIG welding and MAG welding, short-circuit transfer and jet transfer are mainly used for droplet transfer. Short-circuit welding is used for high-speed welding and all-position welding of thin plates, and jet transfer is used for horizontal butt and fillet welding of medium and thick plates. 

In MIG welding, DC reverse connection is basically used. Because the fine jet transition can be achieved in the reverse connection, and the positive ions hit the droplet in the positive connection, which produces a large spot pressure to hinder the droplet transition, so that the normal connection is basically an irregular droplet transition. Alternating current is not suitable for MIG welding because the melting of the wire is not equal on each half-circle. 

When using MIG welding to weld aluminum and aluminum alloys, because aluminum is easy to oxidize, in order to ensure the protection effect, the arc length cannot be too long during welding, so we cannot use the jet transition method with large current and long arc length. If the selected current is greater than the critical current, and the arc length is controlled between the jet transition and the short-circuit transition, a sub-jet transition is formed. 

MIG welding is now widely used for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy workpieces.

Application Areas:

» General engineering

» Construction industries

» Power cycle

» Railway industries

» Heavy duty industry

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