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Harmful properties of welding consumables

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(1) The main research object of welding labor hygiene is fusion welding, among which open arc welding has the greatest labor hygiene problems, and submerged arc welding and electroslag welding have the least problems. (2) The main harmful factors of shielded electrode manual arc welding, carbon arc gouging and CO2 gas shielded welding are the fume generated during the welding process - welding fume. Especially electrode hand arc welding. And carbon arc gouging, if the welding operation is carried out in a small working space (boiler, cabin, airtight container and pipeline, etc.) for a long time, and in the case of poor sanitary protection, it will cause harm to the respiratory system, etc. Suffering from welding pneumoconiosis. (3) Toxic gas is a major harmful factor in gas welding and plasma arc welding, and when the concentration is relatively high, it will cause poisoning symptoms. Among them are ozone and nitrogen oxides, which are produced by the high temperature radiation of arcs acting on oxygen and nitrogen in the air. (4) Arc radiation is a common harmful factor for all open arc welding, and the resulting electro-optic eye disease is a special occupational disease of open arc welding. Arc radiation can also damage the skin and expose welders to skin conditions such as dermatitis, erythema, and small blisters. In addition, the cotton fibers are damaged. (5) For argon tungsten arc welding and plasma arc welding, since the welding machine is equipped with a high-frequency oscillator to help start the arc, there are harmful factors - high-frequency electromagnetic fields, especially for welding machines with long working hours of high-frequency oscillators (such as Some factory-made argon arc welding machines). High-frequency electromagnetic fields can cause welders to suffer from diseases of the nervous system and blood system. Since thorium tungsten rod electrode is used, thorium is a radioactive substance, so there are harmful factors of radiation (α, β and γ rays), which may cause radioactive hazards around the grinding machine where thoriated tungsten rods are stored and sharpened. (6) Strong noise is generated during plasma arc welding, spraying and cutting, and in the case of poor protection, it will damage the auditory nerve of the welder. (7) The main harmful factors in gas welding of non-ferrous metals are the oxide dust formed by the evaporation of molten metal in the air, and the toxic gas from the flux.


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