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IPT80 Plasma Cutting Torch

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  • DC and AC in welding, what should I choose?

    Welding can choose AC welding machine, can also choose DC welding machine. When using a DC welder, there are positive and negative connections, taking into account factors such as the welding rod used, the condition of the construction equipment and the quality of the weld.Compared with the AC power

  • Why high carbon steel is more difficult to weld

    High-carbon steel refers to w (C) higher than 0.6% of carbon steel, which has a greater tendency to harden than medium carbon steel, and the formation of high-carbon martensite, more sensitive to the formation of cold cracks.At the same time, the martensite organization formed in the welded heat-aff

  • Causes of cold cracks in welding

    Cold cracking is a more common type of cracking in welding production, which occurs when the weld is cooled to a lower temperature, for low-alloy high-strength steels, around the martensitic transformation temperature. The three elements of cold crack formation are the hardening tendency of the stee

  • Understand Welding Defects Easily - Laminar Cracks

    Welding cracks are the most harmful type of welding defects, which seriously affect the performance and safety and reliability of welded structures. Today, I will take you to know one of the types of cracks - layered cracks.

  • Friction stir welding technology of magnesium alloy battery trays for new energy vehicles

    Due to the increasingly prominent pressures such as environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon peaking, and carbon neutrality, lightweight will be an inevitable trend in automobile manufacturing. The concept of lightweight originated in motorsports, its advantage is

  • Details that need to be paid attention to in the welding process

    1. Welding construction does not pay attention to choose the best voltage[Phenomena] During welding, the same arc voltage is selected regardless of the size of the groove, whether it is priming, filling, covering, or the size of the groove. In this way, the required penetration depth and width may n

  • Types, principles and safety features of plasma arc welding

    There are three types of plasma arcs available depending on the power connection.(1) Non-transfer arc. The tungsten electrode is connected to the negative electrode of the power supply, and the nozzle is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply. The plasma arc is generated between the



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