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IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt
IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt
IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt
IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt


IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch Gun - Changzhou Inwelt

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IPT40 plasma cutting torch is built for operator comfort and provides excellent performance and ergonomics. Torch features a trigger safety cover to prevent accidental activation. This torch provide reliability and robustness allowing an excellent quality in cut.
  • IPT40


  • IJWU02041

  • 4M

  • Air/N2



IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch

It is the popular IPT40 Plasma Cutting Torch. Without HF Ignition, easy to start arc. It is compatible with standard of 60A Plasma Cutting Machine. (i.e. CUT40) The Brand of machines would be Rilon, Riland, Jasic, Mitech, Chiry, UNT, Krypton, Longetivity and so on.

IPT40 Features & Benefits:

» The IPT40 Without High Frequency AIR Plasma Cutter Torch cutting 8MM-12MM thick plate under 40A.

» The IPT40 torch include consumables comes with one set of consumables (1 nozzle, 1 electrode, 1 swirl ring, 1 shield cup) installed on torch head, can be use directly

» The IPT40 plasma torch can work with 40A plasma cutting machine such as CUT40 etc

» Make people feel comfortable in the hand when the IPT40 plasma torch is fitted with a high density plastic handle

Technical Data:                                            

Current 40Amp Gas Flow 120-130 LPM
Duty Cycle 60% Ignition Without HF
Gas Air/N2 Post Flow 35 seconds recommended
Gas Pressure 4.5-5.0 Bar  Standard Length 4M

Application Areas:

» Fabrication shops    » Automotive repair and restoration   » Industrial construction   » Salvage   » Scrapping operations

Spare Parts Details:

Complete Torch

Code Ref. Description
Code Ref. Description
A   IJWU02041  Plasma torch IPT40/4m/direct/2 wires
 等离子切割枪 IPT40/4m/直接连接/2芯
D IJWU02044 Plasma torch IPT40/4m/central adaptor/2 wires
A   IJWU02041-00 Plasma torch IPT40/4m/direct/2 wires/back
D IJWU02044-00 Plasma torch IPT40/4m/central adaptor/2 wires/back
B   IJWU02042  Plasma torch IPT40/4m 1/4G / /2 wires
 等离子切割枪/IPT40/4M 1/4G/气电一体/2芯
E IJWU020311 Plasma torch IPT40/4m/direct/4 wires
等离子切割枪/IPT40 4m/直接连接/4芯
B   IJWU02042-00 Plasma torch IPT40/4m 1/4G/integrated/2 wires/back
 等离子切割枪/IPT40 4M 1/4G/气电一体/2芯/后引弧
E IJWU020311-00 Plasma torch IPT40/4m/direct/4 wires/back
等离子切割枪/IPT40 4m/直接连接/4芯/后引弧
C   IJWU02043  Plasma torch IPT40/4m 1/4G/separate/2 wires
 等离子切割枪/IPT40 4m 1/4G/气电分体/2芯
F IJWU020341 Plasma torch IPT40/4m/central adaptor/4 wires
C   IJWU02043-00 Plasma torch IPT40/4m 1/4G/separate/2 wires/back
 等离子切割枪/IPT40/4m 1/4G/气电分体/2芯/后引弧
F IJWU020341-00 Plasma torch IPT40/4m/central adaptor/4 wires/back
(带“ ●”为标准配置 / With " ●" is the standard configuration)
Position    Code
Ref. Description

Double pointed spacer;两点支架
1.1 IJTN0009-01

Double pointed spacer/IPT40;两点支架 PT40
1.2 IJTN0009
60432 Double pointed spacer/IPT40/back striking;两点支架/PT40/后引弧

Outside nozzle;外喷嘴
2.1 IJWT0672-03
60389 Outside nozzle 6holes IPT40/bakelite;外喷嘴 6孔 IPT40/胶木
2.2 IJWT1672-05

Outside nozzle 6holes IPT40/Gray Glass finer;外喷嘴 6孔 IPT40/灰色玻纤
2.3 IJWT0696-03
60389K4 Outside nozzle 4holes IPT40/moulded;外喷嘴 4孔 IPT40/模压
2.4 IJWT1696-05

Outside nozzle 4holes IPT40/Gray Glass finer;外喷嘴 4孔 IPT40/灰色玻纤

3.1 IJWV0672-06 PD0116-06
Tip Φ0.6mm/20A IPT40;电极喷嘴 Φ0.6mm/20A IPT40
3.2 IJWV0672-08 PD0116-08
Tip Φ0.8mm/30A IPT40;电极喷嘴 Φ0.8mm/30A IPT40
3.3 IJWV0672-09 PD0116-09
Tip Φ0.9mm/40A IPT40;电极喷嘴 Φ0.9mm/40A IPT40

4.1 IJWV1671-06
51318.06 Tip Φ0.6mm/20A IPT40/back striking;电极喷嘴 Φ0.6mm/20A IPT40/后引弧
4.2 IJWV1671-08
51318.08 Tip Φ0.8mm/30A IPT40/back striking;电极喷嘴 Φ0.8mm/30A IPT40/后引弧
4.3 IJWV1671-09
51318.09 Tip Φ0.9mm/40A IPT40/back striking;电极喷嘴 Φ0.9mm/40A IPT40/后引弧
4.4 IJWV1671-10

Tip Φ1.0mm/50A IPT40/back striking;电极喷嘴 Φ1.0mm/50A IPT40/后引弧
5 IJWV1678-09
513129.09 Tip Φ0.9mm/40A IPT40/Contact cutting/back striking;电极喷嘴 Φ0.9mm IPT40/接触切割/后引弧

6.1 IJWV1679-06

Flat tip Φ0.6mm/20A IPT40/back striking;平头电极喷嘴 Φ0.6mm/20A IPT40/后引弧
6.2 IJWV1679-08

Flat tip Φ0.8mm/30A IPT40/back striking;平头电极喷嘴 Φ0.8mm/30A IPT40/后引弧
6.3 IJWV1679-09
513139.09 Flat tip Φ0.9mm/40A IPT40/back striking;平头电极喷嘴 Φ0.9mm/40A IPT40/后引弧
6.4 IJWV1679-10
513139.10 Flat tip Φ1.0mm/50A IPT40/back striking;平头电极喷嘴 Φ1.0mm/50A IPT40/后引弧

51318L.06 Extended tip Φ0.6mm/10-20A IPT40/back striking;加长电极喷嘴 Φ0.6mm/10-20A IPT40/后引弧
7.2 IJWV1610-06
51318L.08 Extended tip Φ0.8mm/20-30A IPT40/back striking;加长电极喷嘴 Φ0.8mm/20-30A IPT40/后引弧
8.1 IJWV1610-08
51314.09 Extended tip Φ0.9mm/30-40A IPT40/Contact cutting/back striking;加长电极喷嘴 Φ0.9mm/30-40A IPT40/接触切割/后引弧

Extended tip Φ1.0mm/40-50A IPT40/Contact cutting/back striking;加长电极喷嘴 Φ1.0mm/40-50A IPT40/接触切割/后引弧
9 IJWV1614-09

60028 Diffuser IPT20C-IPT60;分流器 IPT20C-IPT60
10 IJWV1614-10

Electrode IPT20C-60;等离子电极 IPT20C-IPT60
11 IJWG1612

52582 Electrode IPT20C-60/back striking;等离子电极 IPT20C-60/后引弧
12 IJWC0671
PR0110 52583 Electrode IPT20C-60/back striking;加长等离子电极 IPT20C-60/后引弧
13 IJWC1059

IPX-45/60 hand torch head;IPX-45/60手动等离子枪头
13a IJWC1050

51620.60 "O"ring Φ15XΦ18 IPT20-80 RED SIL;O型圈 Φ15XΦ18 IPT20-80 红色硅胶
14 IJWA0087

Plasma handle manual/IPT20-60/IPX torch head;等离子手工手柄/IPT20-60/适用于IPX枪头
15 IJGU0710

Protection part/Plasma/Yellow;开关保护档片/等离子用/黄色
16 IJHW0049-01

07301.20 Trigger red;焊枪用开关 21.8MM 红色
17 IJIK0733

Plasma Joint/IPT20-60;等离子用球节套件/IPT20-60
18        Cable assembly;电缆组
18.1            IJWO01004051-22                                                                                             Cable assembly/IPT40/4M/2 wires/centre adapter;电缆组/IPT40/4M/两芯控制线/中央插头
18.2            IJWO01004052-22                                                                                             Cable assembly/IPT40/4M/2 wires/separate;电缆组/IPT40/4MMQ/4M/两芯/气电分体
18.3            IJWO01004053-22                                                                                             Cable assembly/IPT40/4M/2 wires/direct;电缆组/IPT40/4M/两芯控制线/直接连接
18.4            IJWO01004054-22                                                                                             Cable assembly/IPT40/4M/2 wires/integrated;电缆组/IPT40/4MMQ/4M/两芯/气电一体
18.5            IJWO01004055-22                                                                                             Cable assembly/IPT40/4M/4 wires/Direct;电缆组/IPT40/4MMQ/4M/四芯/直接连接
18.6            IJWO01004057-22                                                                                             Cable assembly/IPT40/4M/4 wires/Centre adaptor;电缆组/IPT40/4MMQ/4M/四芯/中央插头
19               IJDH6017                                                                                                            Spanner for Plasma;等离子枪扳手
20               IJAY0089                                                                                                            Central adaptor torch side Plasma 5 pins;等离子中央插头/5针
21 IJTN0718 Circle cutting attachment;圆周切割附件
21.1            IJTN0684                                                                                                             Roller stand IPT20C-60 / with spanner;滚轮支架 IPT20C-60/带扳手

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